YouTube Pulls Video of Trayvon Martin at Fight Club… But They Can’t Hide It Forever – Here It Is Again

Yesterday, we reported on a video of Trayvon Martin participating in a fight club event in his neighborhood.

** YouTube pulled the video yesterday afternoon. **

The Wagist and Conservative Tree House were the first blogs to expose the video of Trayvon Martin attending and possibly refereeing a local fight club brawl in Miami.

The video was uploaded on Trayvon Martin’s YouTube Channel.
At least, the video “Anthony vs. Curtis” was there last month.

But, after his death the video was later scrubbed from his YouTube Channel. Here is the YouTube account today.

The video “Anthony vs. Curtis” was later re-uploaded to YouTube. The video shows Trayvon engaged in actual and intentional violent conduct. In the video Trayvon wears a white cap with the striped shirt. You can hear his name called out about 5 seconds into the video. You can also see Trayvon’s tattoo in the video.

** But last night YouTube pulled the video. **

The address of the home pictured in the other videos is linked to Trayvon’s mother Sybrina Fulton. I will not post the family’s home address here but it is clear that this is Trayvon’s YouTube account and his mother’s home. It appears that Trayvon was involved in and enjoyed underground fights. Certainly, he was not the little angelic child the MSM made him out to be.
Hat Tip Matt

Well the video is back up on YouTube.
The Conservative Treehouse had it reposted this morning:

Whoever had it pulled down forgot that it was already downloaded by several users. They can’t scrub it forever, only momentarily.

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