Vlad Putin’s Spokesman: “We Should Smash Protesters’ Livers On the Asphalt”

Participants march along a street during a “march of the million” opposition protest in central Moscow May 6, 2012. Many Russians are angry that Vladimir Putin, 59, is extending his already 12-year domination of Russia and fear he will stifle political and economic reform during his new term. The banners read: “Ulyanovsk. Putin is a thief!” (L) and “We are the power here!” (R). (REUTERS/Denis Sinyakov)

Vladamir Putin’s spokesman told reporters this week state police should “smash the protesters’ livers on the asphalt.”
How dare they speak out against the tyrant.
PIK TV reported:

Russia’s media is buzzing after tough words from the presidential spokesman.
A Just Russia Deputy Ilya Ponomarev claims Russian President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that “an injured riot police officer should be avenged by smashing protesters’ livers on the asphalt.”

Ponomarev wrote in his blog that he inquired Peskov about his other statement, made earlier on Dozhd TV channel, after the harsh dispersal of the March of Millions protest rally May 6, when Peskov said that the police acted too softly and he would like them to have acted more harshly, according to Grani.ru.

According to Ponomarev, Peskov answered that his previous statement was too soft.

A video released this week shows Russian police reportedly killing a protester with a blow to the neck. Then they dragged the body away.
(Warning on violent content)

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