Stunner. Far Left Goons Torch Pro-Walker Signs in Wisconsin (Video)

Thuggery. It’s what they do.
Far left goons are torching Pro-Scott Walker signs in Wisconsin.

TMJ4 reported:

Vandals are torching pro-Walker yard signs, and now homeowners and neighbors are worried the crimes could escalate.

Someone set fire to at least five Walker campaign signs here in Fox Point.

Jamie Schumaker came out of his Fox Point home to get the paper Sunday morning to find his small Governor Walker campaign sign reduced to ashes, a sign he put up just the day before.

“You’d like to disagree agreeably and not have to resort to something like this,” said Schumaker to TODAY’S TMJ4.

Schumaker said he’s an avid Walker supporter, even a donor, and said this is upsetting. His neighbor’s sign ruined the same way. “I’d hate to see this kind of intimidation and threats creep into certainly this election,” said Schumaker.

The Fox Point Police Department said they’ve had several complaints of burned Walker signs and in response, they plan to put out extra patrols.

“There’s a better way to express your political opinion that to burn someone’s sign,” said North Shore Fire Department Chief Robert Whitaker.

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