Stark Raving Meghan McCain Plays Victim After Attacking “Extremists” Andrew Breitbart & Michelle Malkin on MSNBC

Last week Stark Raving Meghan McCain went on AL SHARPTON’s Show and attacked Andrew Breitbart and Michelle Malkin as rightwing “extremists.”

Yes, that’s correct… She had the gall to discuss “extremism” with the man behind the Crown Heights riots.

Immediately following her outrageous attack on Breitbart and Michelle Malkin GOProud founders Christopher Barron and Jimmy LaSalvia released a statement condemning McCain’s comments.
Mediaite reported:

GOProud co-founders Christopher Barron and Jimmy LaSalvia released a joint statement condemning McCain’s comments, thanking Breitbart for his support “when GOProud was just getting started and under intense fire from anti-gay forces within the conservative movement” and asserting that he “did more for gay people… than Meghan McCain could ever dream of”:

Meghan McCain should be absolutely ashamed of herself. She went on a liberal network with a liberal host and demonized Andrew Breitbart. During his life, Andrew Breitbart did more for gay people, and showed more political courage on behalf of gay people, than Meghan McCain could ever dream of. […]

“Andrew Breitbart wasn’t an ‘extremist’ – he was a committed conservative. Andrew didn’t engage in ‘hate’ politics – indeed he stood up to hate. Andrew didn’t play on people’s fears – quite the contrary, Andrew inspired tens of thousands of conservatives who had been bullied by the left for years to stand up and fight like hell for what they believed in.

The release concludes declaring McCain has, “as usual,” lost this fight, condemning the fact that “she picked a fight this time with a man who isn’t even alive to defend himself.”

It didn’t go unnoticed.
Today, poor Meghan whined on The Daily Beast about those mean Internet bullies who did not approve of her outrageous attacks on Breitbart and Malkin.

Last week, I went on Al Sharpton’s MSNBC show PoliticsNation to talk about extremism in the Republican Party. As a socially liberal Republican, this happens to be a topic I know a lot about. On the show, I told Sharpton that many Republicans treat me like a freak, especially the extreme-right members of my party. I went on to say that I don’t understand the appeal of extreme bloggers such as Michelle Malkin and the late Andrew Breitbart. That’s all I said, but it only took a few hours before my comments were posted out of context on a variety of blogs that suggested I was viciously attacking Breitbart. My Twitter feed exploded with insults, including the suggestion that I should kill myself.

What an idiot. This tool for the left has no idea who Andrew Breitbart was or who Michelle Malkin is. Please go away, Meghan McCain… or wise up.

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