Romney Sons Release Wonderful Video Tribute For Their Mother Ann on Mother’s Day

The five Romney sons: Ben, Tagg, Matt, Josh and Craig, released a special video for their mother Ann for Mother’s Day.
This is a wonderful video.

Well done! Ann Romney and the Romney boys bring a real authentic, down to earth feel to the campaign. You just can’t help but like Ann Romney.
What a great video.
The Boston Globe reported, via Lucianne:

The Romney campaign on Sunday released a Mother’s Day video tribute to the candidate’s wife, Ann, a stay-at-home mom who reared the couple’s five boys.

While the four-minute video features all five Romney sons praising their mother’s patience and love, in spite of their boisterousness, it does not include comments from Mitt Romney or any stories about the presumptive Republican nominee’s rambunctious behavior…

…The Mother’s Day video is packed with grainy, home-movie footage and old family photographs. The Romney sons recall wrestling, building forts, and coating Craig, the youngest, in Marshmallow Fluff.

“I don’t think she let them watch me for a while after that,” Craig Romney says.

The sons describe Ann Romney as “an authentic person” and “very easy to talk to.”

“She’s one of those people that just loves to talk to people, get to know what their struggles are, what they’re going through, especially having been through so much herself, with her MS and cancer, and the other things she’s been through in her life,” Josh Romney says. “But even before she went through those things, she’s always just been really incredibly compassionate and caring about people.”

Mitt Romney wished his wife a happy Mother’s Day in separate statement.

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