Report: Far Left Wisconsin Recallers Owe $17 Million in Back Taxes

It figures. The far left recallers in Wisconsin owe $17 million in back taxes.

Hallis Mailen sleeps on Sunday in the rotunda of the Wisconsin Capitol as a round-the-clock protest continues over the proposed budget and bargaining rights. (Post-Gazette)

Far left recall supporters in Wisconsin owe at least $17 million in back taxes according to a new report at Put Wisconsin First.
The MacIver Institute reported, via Free Republic:

After refining the dataset created by Verify the Recall, a Wisconsin man began running it against other public records and discovered 571 tax delinquents signed Recall petitions.

His findings? The total in back taxes owed by petitioners is more than $17 million. The list of individuals can be found through the website, The creator of the site told the MacIver News Service, his databases should be considered to be tools and not definitive source documents. The source documents are from the State of Wisconsin and the Verify the Recall effort and can be found through links on the site, all he’s done is connected the names and addresses together.

That being said, the site’s creator said he had to throw a lot of names out, to be sure his tables are as accurate as possible. Misspelled and nicknames signed on the petitions were removed. That means the actual number of tax delinquents could be three times higher than the 571 listed.

Before Put Wisconsin First began releasing its databases, petition signers initially tried to convince the Government Accountability Board not to release copies of the recall petitions to the public at all. Signers then criticized Put Wisconsin First and Verify the Recall for creating searchable databases of the petitioners’ names. Now that Put Wisconsin First is running their names against other public records, they really aren’t happy. The site has received plenty of hate mail.

“They had every right to do this (sign the petitions), and I have every right to match them up. They have every right to not like it, and I have every right not to care,” the site’s creator said.

Put Wisconsin First’s database was assembled using refined data from Verify the Recall’s effort.

They want the free government goodies. They just don’t want to pay for it.

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