Oh, Good Grief… Joe Biden Blames Bush For West Virginia Voters Choosing Federal Prisoner Over Obama

It’s Booosh’s fault!
Vice President Joe Biden told reporters: I don’t “blame people” for voting for a felon over Obama in the West Virginia primary… Then he went on and blamed Bush.

The Politico reported:

Here’s a clip from Vice President Joe Biden’s interview with WTOV-TV in West Virginia yesterday, the latest stop he’s made this week, where he was asked about what he made of out-of-state incarcerated felon Keith Judd getting roughly 40 percent of the vote against President Obama in the recent Democratic primary:

“Look, I come from a household where whenever there’s a recession, somebody around my grand-pop or my dad’s table lost a job.

“A brother, a sister a friend, a neighbor. When you’re out of work, man, it’s a depression. And a lot of people are still hurting because of this god-awful recession we inherited that cost 8.4 million jobs before we could really get going. And so I don’t blame people, they’re frustrated, they’re angry.”

That’s right, Joe. It’s all Bush’s fault. Keep believing that. It will do wonders for you in November.

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