Obama’s Tw*t-Calling Donor Bill Maher Attacks Romney For Donating to His Church (Video)

Bill Maher, Barack Obama’s tw*t-calling top donor, attacked Mitt Romney this week for donating to his church.

Mediaite reported:

On last week’s edition of Real Time, Bill Maher argued during the panel discussion that Mitt Romneyshould be giving money to an actual charity rather than just the standard tithe to the Mormon church. Maher’s comments were immediately picked up by the conservative blogosphere, and in his final New Rule tonight, Maher defended what he said by arguing that while the Mormon church does good works, unlike most charities, it is not their main focus.

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Maher first clarified his comment that Mormonism is a cult by explaining he meant to say “his ridiculous church.” He admitted that there is no real distinction between a cult and a religion, but he argued that as opposed to Catholics who are very upfront about their beliefs, Mormons tend to be more “secretive” about their faith. And that sounds cultlike to Maher, at least.

But then Maher pivoted to make a more serious point about Romney’s donations to the church are not the same thing as charity.

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