Obama Continues Attacks On Christian Church – Throws His Support Behind Gay Marriage (Video)

You knew this was coming. After Joe Biden came out and supported gay marriage (something that is against his Catholic faith), and then Arne Duncan, the Secretary of Education of all people, came out and endorsed gay marriage… You knew this was a planned strategy, promoted by Democrats and pushed by the liberal media, for Barack Obama to come out and support gay marriage too.

In an interview with ABC, Barack Obama just came out in support of gay marriage. He just threw MILLIONS of Christian Americans under the bus.

Personally, I don’t have a problem with gay relationships. I don’t have a problem with gay unions. I do have a problem with a president pushing a law on the people with the specific intent of punishing the Church and Christian Americans.

And, he wonders why federal inmate Keith Judd, with a ponytail down to his ass, nearly wooped him in West Virginia?

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