Fired Up – Ready to Go: Amnesty Activists Are Reportedly Energized Following Obama’s Gay Marriage Flip

The media says far left open borders activists are energized by Obama’s gay marriage flip-flop. (BGP)

Who knew?
The lamestream media reported this morning that far left amnesty activists are energized following Barack Obama’s gay marriage flip. Reportedly the two groups have been working together in communities across the United States.
Really? Since when?
The AP reported:

President Barack Obama’s shift to support gay marriage is energizing young Hispanic voters who have been working side-by-side with gay activists in their push for immigration reform. The alliance has been growing across the country, helping dispel what many say is an outdated notion that Hispanics are less tolerant of gays than the general public.

“My members are telling me that we need to learn from the gay community,” said Dee Dee Garcia Blase, founder of the Phoenix-based Somos Republicans. She is now head of the Tequila Party, which she formed last year with the goal of registering young Hispanics to vote for immigration-friendly candidates like Obama.

“We need to take a lesson from the (lesbian and gay) community with regard to being that loud, squeaky wheel that gets fixed,” Blase said. “We need to be more aggressive, and we realize it.”

Both the Democratic and Republican parties are focused heavily on winning the Hispanic vote, not just because it holds the key to battleground states but because Latinos make up the fastest-growing minority group. The government projects Hispanics will account for roughly 30 percent of the population by 2050, doubling in size and boosting their political power.

Hmm. Is anyone else wondering what Obama has up his sleeve? Why would the media be reporting this now? Is Obama about to spring some kind of open amnesty program on the country just in time for the election? The left is definitely up to something. This was a warning.

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