NC Student Hunter Rogers Speaks Out About Unhinged Teacher’s Obama Threats (Video)

The North Carolina student who was abused by an unhinged teacher for not supporting Obama was on FOX and Friends this morning.
Hunter Rogers talked about his ordeal in the classroom with his far left teacher.

FOX News Insider reported:

A teacher is now suspended with pay after audio was found of her yelling at a student for criticizing President Obama. It all began in the classroom when the topic of the day was a discussion regarding GOP contender Mitt Romney being a bully in high school. When the student challenged the teacher, the audio reveals she began yelling at him.

In the audio clip, she said, “That’s disrespect!” The student then responds, “You’re disrespecting Romney!” That, of course, prompts another response from the teacher, who says, “How’s that disrespect? He’s not the president! You will not disrespect the President of the United States in this classroom!”

The student involved in that incident, Hunter Rogers, and his mother, Gina Rogers, spoke out about this matter on today’s Fox and Friends. After he asked the teacher if Obama had been a bully, he said she immediately got defensive and responded, “Not to my knowledge.”

When he played the audio tape of his argument with the teacher for his mom, she said her immediate reaction was “shocked.” While Gina doesn’t think the teacher should’ve started a political discussion in the classroom, her biggest concern is that the teacher is not teaching students factual information.

Hunter responded, “I’ve been told in my life that you’d have to threaten the president to get arrested, and she kept telling me over and over again people were arrested for disrespecting and slandering the president. At the time, I wanted to laugh.”

Far left unhinged Obamabot Tonya Dixon-Neely was suspended from North Rowan High School in North Carolina after a video of her threatening a student who criticized Barack Obama went viral.

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