Urges Members to Write Letters to the Editor on Romney’s “Bullying”

The left is trying their damnedest to make the election about ANYTHING but the economy and jobs. Yesterday, urged their supporters to write letters to the editor on Mitt Romney’s “bullying”.

Write your letter to the editor about what Romney’s past bullying says about him today.

As I wrote about Romney in a Huffington Post op-ed today: “The man who rallied his chums to bully a vulnerable kid has produced a set of prescriptions that are striking in the degree to which they advantage his NASCAR-owning buddies over everyone else.” And those policies tell us exactly who Romney thinks counts and who doesn’t:

The wealthiest 1% deserve bigger tax breaks, while people who rely on Social Security and Medicare should have their benefits cut.

Wall Street executives deserve a bailout, not prosecution, for crashing our economy; while auto workers should face unemployment, foreclosure, and bankruptcy.

Trust-fund kids, like Romney, deserve the best education money can buy, while lower-income kids should have Pell grant funding slashed.

Mitt Romney thought he was teaching Lauber a lesson when he held him down to cut off his hair. Instead, it’s a lesson for all of us about what kind of man he is—and what kind of president he would be.

But if Romney and the right-wing media get their way, it’s a lesson most Americans will miss. That’s why we have to tell it in one of the most read sections of every newspaper—the letters page—so Romney can’t count us out.

Write your letter to the editor about how Romney is trying to count the 99% out.

Thanks for all you do.

Hat Tip Phil

So, just in case you start seeing letters to the editor on bullying, you’ll know where they’re coming from. Meanwhile, Barack Obama just added $6 trillion to the national debt.

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