More Smart Diplomacy… Top Russian Military Offiicial Threatens Preemptive Strike on US Missile System

The Obama Administration promised to bring “smart power” back into US – Russian relations.

In March of this year Barack Obama was caught telling Russian President Medvedev to wait until after the election to work on missile defense agreements.

But all of that kissing up hasn’t worked out so well.
A top military official told reporters today that Russia retained the right to a preemptive strike on the US missile system in Europe.
Press TV reported:

A top Russian military official says Moscow retains the right to a preemptive strike on the US-led missile system in Europe if Washington refuses to engage in constructive dialog over the issue.

“Considering the destabilizing nature of the [American] ABM system, namely the creation of an illusion of inflicting a disarming [nuclear] strike with impunity, a decision on pre-emptive deployment of assault weapons could be taken when the situation gets harder,” Chief of General Staff of Russia’s Armed Forces General Nikolay Makarov said on Thursday.

Speaking at the Moscow Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) conference, Makarov said Russia has no plans to deploy its missile defense facilities outside its national territory.

“We did not and do not have plans to deploy Russian missile defense facilities outside of national territory. Such an approach would exclude the influence of Russian missile defense facilities on the deterrence potential of any state, a participant in the project,” he added.

Russia has already threatened to deploy short-range Iskander missiles in the Kaliningrad Region following the rejection by Washington of Moscow’s proposition to develop a joint European missile system.

Russia has repeatedly objected to the deployment of the missile system, saying Moscow is the main reason for the US-backed move, as it holds a significant number of nukes.

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