Media Openly Lying About Zimmerman Case Now: Says Evidence Fails to Answer Who Was Screaming …(Except for those 2 Eyewitnesses)

Backed into a corner the liberal media has decided that deceiving the public is the best way forward on the Travon Martin case.

his combo made from Feb. 27, 2012 photos released by the State Attorney’s Office shows George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch volunteer who shot Trayvon Martin. (Yahoo)

Here is the latest headline from Reuters concerning the Trayvon Martin case…
“Trayvon evidence fails to answer who screamed for help”

Now see if you can spot what’s missing from this report:

An FBI expert found crucial evidence in the Trayvon Martin case was inconclusive, saying it was impossible to tell if the voice screaming for help belonged to the black Florida teenager or his shooter George Zimmerman just before the neighborhood watch captain pulled the trigger.

That detail came from a mass of evidence made public on Thursday in the case that sparked civil rights protests across the United States and debates over guns, self-defense laws and race relations in America.

The documents confirm numerous compelling facts and minutiae that have been debated at kitchen tables and on television sets across the country following the February 26 homicide when Zimmerman, 28, shot and killed the 17-year-old Martin.

Police initially declined to arrest Zimmerman, citing Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” self-defense law, but a special prosecutor who was subsequently appointed charged Zimmerman with second-degree murder. Zimmerman has pleaded not guilty.

The nearly 200 pages of documents plus photographs, videos and audio recordings provide evidence that will be seized upon by both Zimmerman’s supporters and his detractors, including the revelation that Martin had traces of marijuana in his system and a witness who described the teen as beating on Zimmerman in the style of mixed martial arts.

But what may be the central point of contention – who screamed for help? – goes tantalizingly unanswered.

If it was Zimmerman, it would confirm his story that he pleaded for assistance against the teenager who was brutally beating him. If it was Martin, it could establish Zimmerman was the aggressor who shot an unarmed teenager and would be a major component of a case for second-degree murder.

Relatives of both Zimmerman and Martin swear it was their kin who was pleading for his life.

The cries for help were silenced by a single shot from Zimmerman’s Kel Tec 9mm handgun but not before they were recorded on phone calls that neighbors made to police to report a struggle between two men in their gated community in the central Florida city of Sanford.

“Critical listening and digital signal analysis further revealed that the screaming voice of the 911 call is of insufficient voice quality and duration to conduct a meaningful voice comparison with any other voice samples,” concluded Kenneth Marr, a specialist with the FBI’s digital evidence laboratory in Quantico, Virginia.

Of 18.82 seconds of screaming in the distance, only 2.53 seconds went uninterrupted by the conversation between the woman who called 911 and the dispatcher, Marr said in his report.

Moreover, the audio sample was “produced under an extreme emotional state,” the report said, making it difficult to analyze.

Zimmerman supporters can point to a separate Sanford police report within the documents that says Martin’s father, Tracy Martin, told investigators the screams did not belong to his son when he heard the recordings two days after the shooting.

Martin has since told reporters he was uncertain at that time, but that when he heard an enhanced recording on March 16 he was convinced it was his son calling for help. The boy’s mother, Sybrina Fulton, also insists the cries come from Trayvon.

Zimmerman’s father and brother have been equally adamant it was George’s voice they heard.

“That is absolutely, positively George Zimmerman,” father Robert Zimmerman said in an interview with prosecutors on March 19. “Myself, my wife, family members and friends know that is George Zimmerman. There is no doubt who is yelling for help. It is absolutely my son.”

Nowhere in the Reuters report is there any mention of the witness interviewed 90 minutes after the shooting who testified that he saw Martin straddling George Zimmerman on the ground and violently battering him “MMA” style. The witness also said Zimmerman was the one screaming. A second witness also described a person on the ground with another straddling him and throwing punches. The man on the bottom was yelling for help, the witness told police.

For some reason the two witness accounts did not make the Reuters report on the incident. It’s almost like they are intentionally hiding this evidence from the public, huh?

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