Los Angeles Bans Plastic Bags – Despite Effects on Local Plastic Bags Manufacturer

Liberalism at work – Killing jobs

Democrats vote to choke the life out of more California jobs. (Love Life)

Los Angeles City Council banned plastic bags at a recent meeting. This is despite the effects such a ban would have on a local bag manufacturer.
The LA Times reported:

A Los Angeles City Council committee moved forward Wednesday with a plan to end the use of paper and plastic bags at supermarket checkout lines, saying such a move would spur consumers to switch to more environmentally friendly reusable ones.

The council’s Energy and Environment Committee forwarded its strategy for banning bags at 7,500 stores to the full council, comparing the change to laws requiring seat belts or banning smoking in restaurants.

The vote occurred despite objections from workers at a plastic bag manufacturer who said their company would be devastated if bans are passed throughout the country.

“I will be losing my job, losing my insurance. Please take that into consideration,” said Norma Fierro, an employee of plastic bag manufacturer Crown Poly, whose managers had warned that a city ban could prompt the layoff of between 20 and 130 employees.

Councilman Paul Koretz said he expected that Crown Poly would need to eliminate only a small number of positions. And he compared the company to makers of horse-drawn carriages at the start of the 20th century.

“I’m the last one to allow for layoffs in L.A. city, and I fight them hard,” he said. “But I’ve never stood and said that if a job doesn’t make sense anymore, that we’ve got to keep that job.

Is it any wonder then that California ranks dead last in best/worst state to do business?

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