Lawmakers Blast Vanderbilt University For Its Assault on Christian Groups

A group of Christian lawmakers blasted Vanderbilt University for its assault on Christian groups on campus.

Last month Congressman Randy Forbes (R-Virginia) sent a letter to Vanderbilt University to leave the Christian groups alone. This was after the university forced the Catholic group to change its name.

FOX News reported:

A group of religious-minded House members are rising up to challenge Vanderbilt University for telling Christian campus groups they cannot require their leaders to share their faith and values.

The Congressional Prayer Caucus has sent a strongly worded letter to Vanderbilt Chancellor Nicholas Zeppos and Board of Trust Chairman Mark Dalton chastising the university for creating what the lawmakers say is an “environment that is hostile” to the existence of religious groups on campus.

“It’s my hope that Chancellor Zeppos and Vanderbilt’s board will re-construct their nondiscrimination policy to reflect the freedom that religious student groups have been provided under federal law,” Caucus member Rep. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., said in a statement to Fox News.

For more than a year now, Vanderbilt University and several religious student groups have been locked in a battle over discrimination.

The university insists that groups like the Christian Legal Society, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Vanderbilt Catholic and others cannot require prospective leaders to share their faith and values. To do so would run afoul of the university’s non-discrimination policy to admit “all comers.” If the student groups don’t shape up, they’ll have to ship out.

One group already has. In March, Vanderbilt Catholic said it would pick up and move off campus, rather than sign a pledge that non-Catholics were welcome to apply for positions of leadership. To do that, the group’s leaders said, would be to compromise the entire purpose of the organization.

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