LAWLESS Obama Administration Files Suit Against Sheriff Joe Arpaio Over Trumped Up Racism Charges (Video)

Sheriff Joe Arpaio reacted to the news today that the Obama Justice Department was suing him on trumped up racism charges.
The Obama Administration actually accused Arpaio of blatant disregard of the US Constitution.
My FOX Phoenix reported:

Arpaio reacts to U.S. DOJ lawsuit:

The lawless Obama Administration filed suit today against Sheriff Joe Arpaio over trumped up racism charges.
FOX News reported:


The Obama administration announced Thursday that it is suing Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio, accusing him and his Maricopa County office of engaging in a pattern of discrimination against Latinos.

The announcement by Justice Department officials came after months of negotiations failed to yield an agreement to settle claims that his department racially profiled Latinos in his trademark immigration patrols. Arpaio defended himself in response, claiming the federal government is trying to tell him how to run his office.

Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez, at a press conference Thursday, described this as an abuse of power case. He accused the sheriff of scuttling negotiations by refusing to allow independent monitors.

The Department of Justice lawsuit marked an escalation in the agency’s civil rights investigation of Arpaio and puts the dispute on track to be decided by a federal judge.

The DOJ first leveled the allegations against Arpaio in December, saying that a culture of disregard for basic constitutional rights prevailed at the Maricopa County sheriff’s office, which covers metro Phoenix. Federal officials held off on filing a lawsuit as they tried to reach a settlement, but talks broke off last month.

The Justice Department wants to place a monitor at the sheriff’s office, basically watching everything he does. But Arpaio says he won’t allow that.
This is criminal.

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