Joan Walsh: “I Didn’t Think it Was Possible to Get Lower Than Andrew Breitbart But His Spawn Have” (Video)

Salon editor, Joan Walsh, took an outrageous swing at the late Andrew Breitbart on Friday night.
NewsBusters has video:

Here’s the transcript:

MICHAEL SMERCONISH, SUBSTITUTE HOST: Here, by the way, you can see the 1991 literary agency photo and description of President Obama unearthed by the folks as I say at Breitbart. You know, Joan Walsh, I have to make this observation. The folks at Breitbart say, “We don’t buy the birther argument. We’re putting this forward because we think it’s evidence of the shoddy job done by the media four years ago to vet the now president.” What do you make of that?

JOAN WALSH, SALON: They’re bottom feeders. I mean, my God, I didn’t think it was possible to get lower than Andrew Breitbart, but his spawn have gotten lower than Andrew Breitbart.

She does realize that Andrew left behind a wife and four children?

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