Iranian Regime Bans “Impure” Pet Dogs in Public

It’s not the first time the regime has cracked down on dog owners. (Tribune)

The Iranian regime started its latest crackdown on women in “vulgar” Un-Islamic dress and “impure” dogs in public.
YNet News reported, via ROP:

While Iran’s leadership is showing signs of cooperation with the West in nuclear talks, the Islamic Republic’s law enforcement authorities continue their efforts to fight “outside influences.”

Tehran police are beefing up enforcement of Islamic law against women improperly dressed ahead of the summer, and adding a new target: pet dogs.

Police in Tehran are conducting a new crackdown on women wearing mandatory headscarves improperly or in “vulgar” dress.

Typically, such women are fined or detained in police stations until relatives collect them hours later with more modest clothing.

As part of police operations in Tehran, officers also issue warnings to dog owners walking their pets outside. In Sharia-ruled Iran, dogs are considered “impure.” Dozens of dogs in Tehran were round up last month and placed in quarantine.

Iran’s Islamist rulers consider ownership of pet animals “un-Islamic.” Authorities distinguish between pet dogs and “work dogs” used for guarding and helping in rescue missions.

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