Gov. Nicki Haley on Union Piñata Beating: “This Is Typical of Union Thugs… There’s a Reason Only 10 or 12 Were at Her Party” (Video)

South Carolina Governor Nicki Haley spoke out tonight about the video circulating on YouTube showing union leaders beating a Nicki Haley piñata with a bat. Governor Haley told Greta Van Susteren,

“It’s creepy… This is typical of union thugs. This past week Democrats have come after me with racial slurs and union thugs have hit me with the piñata. But all it does is makes my heals taller, my heals sharper so that I can kick harder. I’m not going to stop beating up on the unions. I’m not going to stop beating up on the Democrats for wasteful spending. And, I’m going to keep on fighting for the things I fight for… I hope I never cross her… There’s a reason there were only 10 or 12 at her party.”

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