Far Left A$$hat Director Bursts into Courtroom Screaming ‘War Criminal!’ at Tony Blair During Leveson Inquiry (Video)

Some far left jerk burst in on former British Prime Minister Tony Blair as he testified at a UK inquiry into media ethics at London’s Royal Courts of Justice today. The intruder, understood to be filmmaker and veteran Iraq War protester David Lawley-Wakelin, yelled that Mr Blair had been ‘bought’ by JP Morgan in the build up to the Iraq War. Blair immediately denied the ridiculous conspiracy after the goon was removed from the courtroom.

The Huffington Post UK has more on this far left movie director.

David Lawley-Wakelin, the man who interrupted former prime minister Tony Blair’s evidence to the Leveson Inquiry, is an anti-war documentary maker who lists his political views on Facebook as “Blair and at least four of his cronies should be behind bars.”

Lawley-Wakelin, the maker of a documentary called Alternative Iraq Enquiry, stormed into the inquiry into press standards on Monday shouting that Blair was a “war criminal” and linked money he was paid by investment bank JP Morgan to the war.

Blair said the claims were “totally untrue”.

The 49-year-old described his film The Alternative Iraq Enquiry as a “TV documentary about one man’s journey to Iraq to find out if the Iraqi’s agree with his view that Tony Blair should be in the Hague for crimes against peace” on his LinkedIn page.

The 80 second clip of the 2010 film posted on YouTube features Lawley-Wakelin in Iraq where he asks people what they think of the 2003 war.

Here is Lawley-Wakelin’s goofy antiwar documentary.

Those leftists sure loooovved Saddam Hussein, huh?
Of course, these same loons give Barack Obama a complete pass for the murder, minus trial, of Moamar Gaddafi.

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