Failure To Wean… Liberal TIME Magazine Gives Us The Image Of Our Next Generation

When 26-year-old adults are redefined as children, the male population is becoming increasingly feminized, and our Socialist president delivers the helpless “Julia” to us as the new norm, it’s not surprising that the deeply Liberal TIME magazine puts a woman breastfeeding a grown child on its cover.  But, suppress your cringe, because it has a highbrow name…it’s called “attachment parenting”.

The AP tells the story behind the picture,

Shocking or no big deal? A woman breastfeeding her 3-year-old son is the cover photo of this week’s Time magazine for a story on “attachment parenting,” and reactions ranged from applause to cringing to shrugs.

The photo showed Jamie Lynne Grumet, 26, a stay-at-home mom in Los Angeles who says her mother breastfed her until she was 6 years old. She told the magazine in an interview that she’s given up reasoning with strangers who see her son nursing and threaten “to call social services on me or that it’s child molestation.”

“People have to realize this is biologically normal,” she said, adding, “The more people see it, the more it’ll become normal in our culture. That’s what I’m hoping. I want people to see it.”

“The more people see it, the more it’ll become normal in our culture.”

So, normal is created through forced desensitization of the abnormal?  That sounds like Obama’s failed strategy.  Maybe TIME is just giving us a metaphor for our new permanent state of government dependency.


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