Face-Eating Cannibal Attacked & Stripped Homeless Man Before Eating His Face (Video)

Injured: This undated booking mug made available by the Miami-Dade Police Dept. shows Ronald Poppo, the victim in a horrific face-chewing attack in Miami. (Daily Mail)

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2151886/Rudy-Eugene-Miami-cannibals-victim-Ronald-Poppo-pictured-vicious-attack.html#ixzz1wMeEEFyE

Rudy Eugene, the 31 year-old face-eating cannibal, stripped and beat homeless man Ronald Poppo before he ate his face.
The Daily Mail reported:

Shocking new video footage was released today of the Miami cannibal eating the face off a homeless man during the gruesome and brutal 18-minute attack while a number of passers-by did nothing to stop it.

In the harrowing attack which has shocked America, Rudy Eugene, 31, originally from Haiti, chewed lumps of flesh from the face of homeless man Ronald Poppo.

The new footage was released hours after the first picture emerged of the victim – as well as stomach-churning images of his horrific injuries.

Eugene was eventually shot and killed by a Miami police officer after he refused to stop eating his victim on the MacArthur Causeway on Saturday afternoon.

Former friends of the dead attacker today spoke of their shock at the brutal assault.

A former classmate of Eugene Victoria Forte, who attended North Miami Beach High School, told the Sun Sentinel: ‘Drugs did this to him. Drugs took over a person we knew as a beautiful person.’
She claimed that he never got into trouble.

In the extended video footage of the attack released today, it was revealed during the almost 20 minutes that Eugene was beating and eating homeless man Ronald Poppo’s face, a number of people cycled and drove past and did nothing to stop it.

Here’s video of the attack.
(Warning on cannibalism)

UPDATE: Here is a grisly photo from the crime scene. (Warning: very graphic)

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