Disgusting! Newsweek Contributor Compares Ann Romney to Hitler and Stalin… On Mother’s Day (Video)

More from the Liberal “War on Women” front–
Newsweek contributor Michelle Goldberg called Ann Romney “insufferable” on MSNBC this morning.
Then she compared Mrs. Romney to Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin.
On Mother’s Day, no less.
NewsBusters reported:

NewsBusters has the transcript:

“It can’t only be me that maybe initially saw Ann Romney as maybe a sympathetic or neutral figure but who is increasingly seeing her as someone who is kind of insufferable because of the way she’s milking this thing. (Mother’s Day)

…You know, yes, motherhood is beautiful,” Goldberg continued. “I found that phrase ‘the crown of motherhood’ really kind of creepy, not just because of its, like, somewhat you know, I mean, it’s kind of usually really authoritarian societies that give out like The Cross of Motherhood, that give awards for big families. You know, Stalin did it, Hitler did it.”

Of course, the rest of the media will completely ignore this awful attack on Ann Romney, a woman who suffered from breast cancer and MS.

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