Dems No Longer Fear Social Issues: Believe Gay Marriage and Free Birth Control Are Winning Issues

It’s a Brave New World.

Obama will join the cast of The View today to talk gay issues before heading over to Ricky Martin’s fundraiser.

Democrats believe the far left media institutions have softened up society enough for them to push free birth control and gay marriage. It’s a bold new move that they believe they can win with the help of the media, schools and Hollywood.
Rick Klein at ABC cheered the bold new left.

In the 2012 edition of the culture wars, a new side is starting on offense.

President Obama’s move to embrace same-sex marriage sets an unmistakable tone for the general election: Democrats don’t feel the need to fear social issues, even ones that have been conservative lynchpins in years past.

Democrats, starting with the one who’s topping the ticket, are the ones inserting talk of gay rights and reproductive rights into the national conversation.

“The First Gay President,” Newsweek’s new cover declares – and for once Democrats aren’t worried about the image that projects.

With a nudge from Vice President Joe Biden last week, the president completed his self-described “evolution” on the subject of same-sex marriage by staking out a personal position that would have been unthinkable for a national politician in previous election cycles.

“For me personally it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same-sex couples should be able to get married,” the president told ABC News’ Robin Roberts on Wednesday.

And a move that any previous Republican candidate for president would have seen as a rainbow-wrapped gift has been met haltingly by the GOP’s 2012 standard-bearer. Mitt Romney used a weekend speech at Liberty University to declare that “marriage is a relationship between one man and one woman,” but he’s shown no signs of wanting to talk about it much more beyond that.

Meanwhile 230,000 unemployed Americans lost their benefits over the weekend.

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