China Demands US Apology – Wants Obama to Bow Down Again & Kiss Up

The Chinese government demanded an apology from Washington for harboring dissident Chen Quangcheng.

It won’t be the first time Obama bowed down to the Chicoms.
In April 2010 Obama bowed to Hu Jintao at a nuclear summit in 2010.

The LA Times reported:

The Chinese government issued a stern warning to the United States on Wednesday after blind dissident Chen Guangcheng ended his weeklong stay at the U.S. Embassy in Beijing, saying officials were “strongly dissatisfied with the move” to shelter the activist and demanded an apology from Washington.

The scolding tone of the message delivered by a Foreign Ministry official and reported by state-run media raised concerns about China’s commitment to whatever assurances officials gave U.S. diplomats during behind-the-scenes negotiations that appeared to resolve the embarrassing standoff.

“It should be pointed out that Chen Guangcheng, a Chinese citizen, was taken by the U.S. side to the U.S. Embassy in Beijing via abnormal means, and the Chinese side is strongly dissatisfied with the move,” said Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Weimin.

“What the U.S. side has done has interfered in the domestic affairs of China, and the Chinese side will never accept it,” Liu said at a briefing in Beijing.

China demands that U.S. authorities investigate their handling of the Chen affair, hold anyone who violated international protocol accountable and provide guarantees that similar actions never recur, Liu said.

The official New China News Agency also reported that Beijing wants an apology from Washington over the incident.

The harsh accounts of the U.S. harboring of Chen after he escaped house arrest in his native Shandong province April 22 were the first official acknowledgments of the dispute.

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