Catholic Leaders Outraged Over Media Silence on HHS Mandate Lawsuits (Video)

Catholic leaders are outraged over the mainstream media silence on the HHS mandate lawsuits. Over 40 Catholic dioceses and organizations around the country announced on Monday that they were suing the Obama administration for violating their freedom of religion.
The mainstream media have only given viewers a combined 19 seconds on this major news story.

The Media Research Center’s Tim Graham discussed the media blackout today on Your World with Neil Cavuto.

LifeNews reported today on the blackout:


Nine prominent Catholic leaders have joined the Media Research Center to voice outrage over the broadcast networks deliberately withholding news of the momentous 43 Catholic entities suing the Obama administration for violating their religious freedoms. They represent major organizations including the Acton Institute, Cardinal Newman Society, SBA List and others. More are coming in every hour.

There are 60 million Catholics in the US. The Catholic vote will be the most important swing vote this year. So it’s not just a major policy issue, it is one with massive political implications. Yet, 19 seconds of news coverage remains the only attention given by the evening broadcast networks. Two days after news broke, the tally is:

ABC World News – ZERO seconds of coverage. But, last night there was time for a full report on sleep apnea and Katie Couric discussing how she met Queen Elizabeth; how she wore a peach coat and “a lovely peach hat.”

NBC Nightly News – ZERO seconds of coverage. But last night there was time to squeeze in a story on a new computer app that shows America’s eating habits, “graphic evidence” of how we eat badly late at night.

CBS Evening News – a brief 19 seconds of coverage on the evening the lawsuit became public. ZERO coverage last night. But there was time in the broadcast for a Cincinnati Reds baseball fan lucky enough to catch two home runs in left field.

Today for the third night in a row the broadcast networks have refused to cover this correctly.

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