Breaking: Westboro Cult to Protest at Kansas Marine’s Funeral – FRIENDS ARE ASKING FOR SUPPORT (Updated)

Jeffery Michael Klingsick

This just came in the email—
The Westboro Baptist cult is protesting at the funeral of a young Marine in Kansas today. Family friends are asking to spread the word.

A young Marine from our church was returning home from Camp Pendleton to Derby, KS last week after finishing his tour in Afghanistan. He and a buddy stopped off to look at the Grand Canyon, and in a freak accident, he fell 600 feet to his death. His funeral is today, and the Phelps family and the Westboro Baptist protesters are here in Derby about to protest the funeral. The family does not need this outrageous insult and harassment as they grieve and bury their young son. I don’t know what help you can offer, but if you know how to contact the folks who provide escort and run interference for the families at military funerals to keep these scum away, please help get the word out. I’m sorry for the late notice. The Patriot Guard is here, and they will provide their services.

Here’s more information on Jeffery Michael Klingsick.
Hat Tip Midwest Engineer

Please help spread the word on this!

UPDATE: Opaobie commented below:

Jim and Midwest Engineer,

Thank you for spreading the word. I just left the church, and the Westboro scum were gone. Their permit expired before the end of the funeral. I spoke with several of the Patriot Guard members in the parking lot, which is filled to overflowing, and cars are even parked along the street and in the parking lots of the nearby Credit Union and a Dillon’s grocery store.

The Patriot Guard were preparing to go to the cemetery to set up and to escort Jeffrey and the family and the procession. The barricades that had been used to keep the Westboro scum back are now plastered with patriotic signs, and several small crowds of supporters were on the sidewalk across from the church with American flags and patriotic signs. I’m not ashamed to admit I wept, mostly from pride in being in the company of loving, caring, patriotic ordinary folks who don’t have a lot but who appreciate it more than we can ever know and to whom we owe a debt of gratitude we can never pay.

Good. The Patriot Guard was there to drive off the scum. What a great group!

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