Another Macaca Moment?… Why Did GOP Pick George Allen in Virginia?

Did the GOP pick another Lugar?
George Allen, former Virginia Governor, is currently tied in the polls with Tim Kaine. One would think that the establishment GOP in Virginia would have picked someone with less baggage during such a critical election cycle.

Baggage? You’re probably thinking about macaca.

The macaca moment was a verbal gaff that derailed Allen. Republicans feel like it was a made-up problem and are eager to have Allen come back.


Looking at Allen’s record, one wonders why. That’s where the real macaca sits.


George Allen is about as conservative as Dick Lugar. In fact, in 2002, Dick Lugar was more conservative than George Allen.

As the head of the NRSC, George Allen called for “all hands on deck” to defeat Pat Toomey.

Allen voted to increase spending over and over.

Allen has waffled on ethanol subsidies.

George Allen is a George W. Bush Republican and really hasn’t backed off his big government stances even in the face of crushing deficits.

He is a big government Republican–and one lacking courage, at that. He hasn’t committed to supporting any conservative budget including the Ryan Plan.

And even running a “moderate” campaign, the kind of campaign the GOP seems so keen on running, George Allen is still tied with Tim Kaine.

So why did the Republican party of Virginia decide to run George Allen? After multiple failures across the country — guys like Charlie Crist, Bob Bennett, and Dick Lugar — why isn’t the Republican party looking for better candidates?

The GOP has had an uneasy relationship with the Tea Party. The Tea Party has infused the GOP with grassroots enthusiasm and the tough work to get people in office.

And still, the GOP puts up moderate to liberal Republicans that beg for a primary challenge because Republicans want a candidate who actually fight for the Republican party planks.

In Virginia, Jamie Radtke, a Tea Party founder, is running against George Allen. She is worth a second look.

George Allen has many powerful friends in Washington, D.C.

Jamie Radtke is friends with constitutional principles and the GOP platform.

There is another primary debate this Friday in Virginia. It will be interesting to see how Allen answers for his record.

No matter the outcome, it’s discouraging that the Republican powers that be still choose such bad candidates. They still haven’t learned the lessons of 2006, 2008, and the tsunami election of 2010.

Here’s a clip from the last Virginia debate:

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