AG Holder Invokes Trayvon Martin Case in Speech to NAACP

Holder announced action in the Trayvon Martin case at an event sponsored by Al Sharpton last month.

Attorney General Eric Holder threw some red meat to the NAACP on Sunday. The radical Obama official invoked Trayvon Martin in his speech to the far left group.
CNS News reported:

Despite “significant” progress in civil rights, the nation is still struggling to “overcome injustice” and “eliminate disparities,” Attorney General Eric Holder told the Detroit chapter of the NAACP on Sunday.

The attorney general also mentioned Trayvon Martin by name, as he decried the violence and crime involving young people.

“This (violence) is an issue that has -– rightly -– garnered significant national attention in recent months, as our nation has struggled to make sense of the tragic shooting death of a Florida teenager named Trayvon Martin,” Holder said. “As this case moves through the legal system, Justice Department officials will continue to communicate closely with state and local authorities to ensure that community concerns are heard, tensions are alleviated, and – as with every investigation at every level – appropriate actions are guided by the facts and the law.”

Last month he told an audience the Trayvon Martin case was “a tragedy we’re all struggling to understand.”

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