Whoopi Goldberg Tries Out CNN’s New Policy Of Allowing N**ger On The Air… And Gets Bleeped By ABC

By: Andrea Ryan

How confusing.  CNN has decided that saying the word “n**ger” on national television is now acceptable.  However, ABC still finds it offensive.

According to the Daily Mail, CNN anchor, Don Lemon, has launched a new policy at CNN where it is no longer acceptable to say the “N-Word”, since it diminishes the offensiveness of the original slur.  Instead, viewers will now be subjected to receiving the full impact of the pejorative in all its offensive glory.  But hold on to your filters, TV personalities…ABC’s not on board.  In all her excitement, Whoopi Goldberg tried out CNN’s newly allowed word yesterday on “The View”, and was promptly bleeped.

I guess ABC, and the rest of society, haven’t received the “new manual” on political correctness, yet.  Or, maybe they think the N-Word is just “too cute” to give up.

Via Drudge, Newsbusters reports,

Oh the delicious irony.

On ABC’s The View Tuesday, as co-host Whoopi Goldberg supported Saturday’s call by CNN’s Don Lemon for reporters to say the N-word when quoting folks that have, the censors actually bleeped her when she said the word herself …

Goldberg introduced the segment by mentioning how various CNNers have said the N-word during recent newscasts, after which she mentioned Lemon’s call for this to universally be the case.

After some give and take mostly with co-host Barbara Walters who expressed discomfort with the idea, Goldberg said, “What reporters do is they report the news. And every time you make it ‘the N-word,’ it’s cute.”

She continued, “But I feel very strongly about the word. Do not eliminate it. It’s part of our history. Every time people try to sort of make it sound better or more acceptable, let’s call it what it is.”

Walters then asked Goldberg if she uses the actual word.

“I am bleeped, ever since the word was buried, you know, there was a whole ceremony with a whole funeral – people buried it. Ever since then, you cannot say the word on television,” answered Goldberg.

“They’ve tried to fix ‘Roots,’” she continued. “They’ve taken it out of books…This idea that taking it out makes it somehow better is ridiculous. It’s part of the culture. Let us speak on it and say this is what it is.

It’s too bad Dr. Laura didn’t wait a year before she repeated the word on her radio show, while trying to make the same point as CNN’s Don Lemon.

And in other news…the New Black Panthers’ call for race war and blood shed to kill “crackers” continues.


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