War on Women… Sobbing Female Suffers Through Obama’s TSA Groping (Video)

Obama’s War on Women–

Have any of you had this horrible experience yet?
You’re going through security, just passed through the naked scanner, you’re getting your bags and you witness a woman crying hysterically as she is getting her Obama TSA patdown?
It’s something you won’t forget.

This morning at a Midwest airport I witnessed this poor woman suffering through this horrible sexual violation.
It’s an Obama world.

(Sorry for quality – I was hurrying for camera.)
It doesn’t have to be this way. The media won’t tell you this but there are better ways to secure airports without sexually abusing passengers. If you’ve ever traveled to Israel (100% security success rate) you’ll know what I mean.

But gropings and patdowns are the Obama way. How else are they going to break down our boundaries and make us willing dupes for their abuse of power?
What an awful experience.

Update by Andrea Ryan:  Not specific to this incident… 1 out of every 6 American women has been the victim of sexual violence in her lifetime.  And the statistic is higher when considering the number of women who do not come forward.  Rape-Related Post-traumatic Stress Disorder is a legitimate diagnosis, and among the symptoms is “re-experiencing the trauma”.  The TSA’s groping of passengers’ genitals is a complete violation of our dignity and personhood, and must be so much worse for those healing from previous traumatic experiences.  This is criminal.

More… This comes from archer52, an ‘old retired cop’:


It makes my old retired cop blood boil. The TSA isn’t the police, but they play them in airports and the real police take it in the shorts. There would have been NO police officer on my department that would have allowed such treatment of a crying woman like that. None!

I fear my protective instincts would have gotten the best of me and I would have been over there telling that TSA agent as nicely as possible to step back. Then I would have asked for a supervisor and after that probably got arrested.

Andrea Ryan is right, that kind of response is from a woman who was traumatized before. It doesn’t matter when, some horrid acts are never forgotten and can come back as vividly as they were happening again right then. I’ve seen them. I worked a case where a young woman was showering when a rapist entered her bathroom and attacked her. She held up, fought back and he fled. She was a great witness and through her we found him, a serial rapist with at least five victims we knew about. He’s doing 35 years in prison.

But she wasn’t the same. As brave as she was she wasn’t the same. She came to me one day months and months later and sat down and started crying. It seemed she couldn’t shower alone anymore. Her mother had moved in and had to be in the house, outside the door before the victim could get in by herself without breaking down.

It took two years for her to recover to the point where her life was back to almost normal.

I’m willing to bet if she was there at that airport, dealing with the groping, she’d act the same.

Fools. We are a nation of fools, led by politically correct corrupt, amoral leaders.

Agreed. Thank you, retired cop.

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