Tagg Romney Rips “Lib Media” For Attacking His Dead Grandpa

Mitt Romney’s son Tagg ripped the “lib media” for attacking his dead Grandfather on the hit show “Mad Men” last night.

Good for Tagg.

ABC News reported:

The hit AMC TV show “Mad Men” took a not-so-subtle swipe at a Romney Sunday night — George Romney, the father of presidential contender Mitt Romney, that is.

In the 1960s-era series, the character Henry Francis, who in previous seasons worked as a political aide for New York Gov. Nelson Rockefeller, calls Gov. George Romney, who led the state of Michigan from 1963-1969, a clown.

“Well, tell Jim his honor’s not going to Michigan,” Francis says during a work-related phone conversation in Sunday’s episode. “Because Romney’s a clown, and I don’t want him standing next to him.”

Mitt Romney’s son Tagg responded to the remark on Monday, taking is ire over the comment to Twitter.

“Seriously, lib media mocking my dead grandpa?,” Tagg tweeted. “George Romney was as good a man I’ve ever known. Inspirational leader, worked for civil rights, promoted freedom. We need more like him.

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