Senator Hatch Calls Conservative Tea Party Groups “Ultra-Liars” After State GOP Convention (Video)

Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) called conservative tea party groups “ultra-liars” after GOP members in Utah forced him into a May 6 primary race.

Hatch lashed out at conservative groups, like FreedomWorks, after he was forced into a primary. He comments on “outside groups,” by which he means FreedomWorks.

Townhall reported:


The Utah Republican Convention did double duty as Groundhog Day on Saturday ensuring another round of politics in terms of the Senate race.

36-year veteran Senator Orrin Hatch came through two rounds of delegate voting with a majority, but not enough of one to walk away with the party nomination.

Hatch took 59.19% of the vote to Tea Party-backed challenger Dan Liljenquist’s 40.81%% thus ensuring a June primary for the man who has been representing Utah in the U.S. Senate for more than three decades.

A sixty percent majority was needed to lock up the nomination.

Out of the 9 candidates challenging Hatch for the spot Liljenquist has been the leader and clearly felt the momentum was behind him after the balloting was finished.

Some of the credit for that momentum has come from FreedomWorks who so far has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to oust Hatch in he same fashion as Bob Bennett two years ago.

However, many in the Beehive State have gotten behind Liljenquist who is branding himself in as part of young breed of conservatives in D.C. in the same vein as Mike Lee and Marco Rubio…

…Hatch said that he is headed to a primary because the influence of what he called outside groups who he characterized as “ultra-liars”.

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