Police Raid #Occupy San Fran Illegal Commune – 75 Arrested (Video)

Police arrested 75 #Occupy protesters who were squatting at a vacant school building owned by the Diocese of San Francisco.

The #Occupy loons ended their march yesterday by breaking into a vacant diocesan building.

This video shows the criminals before the raid.

Here’s the #occupiers whiny rant about the mass arrest:


On 1 April 2012, Occupy SF marched to 888 Turk Street to take over a former clinic owned by the Archdiocese of San Francisco. Since even the Archdiocese has to pay taxes on a vacant building, they’d told the government that it was only vacant recently in order to evade paying taxes. In reality, it’d been vacant for about 5 years. Occupy SF solved the problem for them and Occupied it, complete with medical attention, housing and food for the poor. Refusing to speak to the new tenants, the Archdiocese instead worked with the police, who raided the newly christened SF Commune in the afternoon of 2 April 2012. Nick Anthony Show, who’d recently became a hero when he subdued a violent criminal and held him for police, was struck and treated as though he was resisting arrest, even as he complied with officers’ demands. Shaw, U.S. Army veteran, can be seen bleeding from the lip in this video. Most Occupiers were cited for trespassing and released by 6:30 that evening. And Occupy SF threw a party for them.

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