Palestinian Youths Beat Jewish Groom With Cement Blocks During Visit to Mother’s Grave

Desecration of graves at Mount of Olives
Israel news photo: Rafi Fischer

A young bridegroom was attacked by Palestinian youths as he approached the Mount of Olives cemetery where his mother was buried the year before. The man was dragged out of the car, a boulder was smashed on his head and he was beaten up to the sounds of “Alahu Akhbar.”
The Jerusalem Post reported:

Last Tuesday, several hours before he was to wed, a young bridegroom wished to say a short prayer at his mother’s grave on Jerusalem’s Mount of Olives. He lost his mother last year and a visit to the cemetery constituted for him her inclusion in his special day. He was driven up by his friend Dror Klein.

As they neared their destination, a bucket of white paint crashed into the front windshield, obscuring Dror’s view. A hail of stones followed.

In minutes some 30 to 40 young Arabs surrounded the vehicle, rocking it menacingly and hurling large rocks, cement blocks and broken pavement fragments at the two.

The bridegroom was dragged out of the car, a boulder was smashed on his head and he was beaten up to the sounds of Alahu Akhbar (God is great). Dror somehow managed to maneuver his Hyundai directly at the attackers. As they momentarily scurried, the bridegroom and his resourceful driver got away by the skin of their teeth.

Dror said the mob had “murderous looks and we began reciting Shema Yisrael” – the prayer Jews say when death seems imminent.

The terse police statement later noted that “light injuries were sustained. The victims were evacuated to Sha’arei Zedek Hospital. The police are trying to track down the perpetrators.”

But the police know exactly where they came from. An Arab boys’ school is positioned directly alongside the road leading to the venerable ancient Jewish cemetery. The majority of incidents originate there. The attackers are generally teenagers and they often prepare ambushes well in advance. The fact that they had paint at the ready, along with arsenals of heavy rocks, betokens unquestionable premeditation.

Moreover, their violence is steadily ramped up to the point where fatalities should surprise no one. For years they stoned vehicles on their way to the second holiest Jewish site in Jerusalem. Gradual escalation has led to actual concerted lynching attempts. This isn’t esoteric information.

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