MI Highway Sign Hacked With Racial Slur “Trayvon Is A N***er” (Video)

A Michigan highway sign near Dearborn was hacked last night with the racial slur “Trayvon Is A N***er”. Officials were able to switch the sign back before the rush hour traffic.

Trayvon racial slur on Mich road sign: woodtv.com

WOODTV reported, via Free Republic:


An electronic road construction sign near Dearborn, Mich. displayed a racial slur early Monday morning, targeting a Florida teenager who was fatally shot in February.

The sign referenced Trayvon Martin who police said was killed by neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman in self-defense. It has yet been decided if Zimmerman will be charged in the shooting.

The Michigan Department of Transportation sign, which read “Trayvon a N*****,” is located on Interstate 94 near Addison Street, west of downtown Detroit, WDIV reports.

Passersby noticed the hacked sign about 1 a.m. and called police who said they received numerous calls about the incident.

Michigan State Police troopers responded and contacted a sign supervisor to fix the message.

The control box on the sign was unlocked and the keyboard used to write messages was missing.

More… Van De Koik added:

Road sign hacked in a city where the majority of people are black, and most of the public jobs are occupied by blacks, in a part of the state that is almost all left-wing?

Wild guess, but I’m leaning to the direction of stunt by someone the press will not want the public to know about.

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