MSNBC Host Martin Bashir Attacks Sarah Palin – Says She “Bragged” About Being Checked Out By Secret Service (Video)

By: Rachel Pulaski

Last week MSNBC host Martin Bashir claimed Romney was going to condemn himself to “eternal damnation”  for “lying” to Republicans while using the Book of Mormon.

Now he’s out attacking Sarah Palin…
Bashir says Sarah Palin was “bragging” about being checked out by Secret Service because she openly condemned the Secret Service agent’s actions. 
Mediaite reported:

Mediaite reported:

It was a short, possibly throwaway, but potentially dangerous comment to make about a victim of sexism in the workplace. Dangerous because Bashir commands an audience by virtue of a perch in national media, one from which he has effectively whitewashed completely disrespectful and inappropriate behavior as something to “brag about.” No rational person considers being objectified while on the job– particularly as serious a job as campaign for second in command of the free world– something to “brag” about. Being open about the experience of being thoroughly disrespected as person in general and woman in particular is not bragging, and to use such language to describe what Palin is doing here is to shift the burden of responsibility upon her. It is a more subtle and, perhaps because of this, more acceptable version of the “she asked for it” argument  Keep reading

In related news, The White House Fires back at Sarah Palin for her calling out the Secret Service’s actions in Cartagena.   Jay Carney says “it is preposterous to politicize the Secret Service.”

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