Madison Tea Party Rally Today – #Occupiers & Union Goons Threaten Chaos

Last February THOUSANDS of Tea Party Patriots turned out in Madison, Wisconsin, in support of Republican Governor Scott Walker. It was an amazing turnout considering the Saturday rally was only announced on Friday morning.

The tea party patriots filled the state capital grounds from the steps to the street over 100 yards back. There were so many Walker supporters there that you couldn’t hear the speakers from the stage in the back of the crowd.

Today we’re doing it again…
Show Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker that he has support by coming out to the Wisconsin Tax Day Rally at the Capitol on Saturday April 14 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Confirmed Speakers Include:
Fox News Contributor – James T. Harris
Conservative Talk Show Host – Vicki McKenna
Big – Dana Loesch
Gateway Pundit – Jim Hoft
PJTV – Stephen Kruiser
Nashville Recording Artist – Krista Branch
AFP WI State Director – Luke Hilgemann


Click here for more info.
Hope to see you here in Madison!

Last night Stephen Kruiser and I snuck down to the #Occupier hobo camp here in town. They informed us that the #occupiers and union goons would be out in force today.

I’ll keep you posted. Also check GatewayPundit, Dana Loesch and Stephen Kruiser on Twitter for updates.

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