“Long Live Zimmerman” Spray Painted on OSU Black Cultural Center (Video)

I call BS.
Vandals spray painted “Long live Zimmerman” on the Ohio State University Black Cultural Center.

CBS Local reported:

Officials say graffiti spray painted on the wall of a black cultural center at Ohio State University likely stems from the nationwide unrest over the fatal shooting of a black Florida teenager.

The graffiti painted early Thursday said “Long Live Zimmerman.” Columbus media outlets report that officials believe it’s a reference to George Zimmerman, the neighborhood-watch captain accused of killing 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Fla., in February.

Larry Williamson, executive director of The Frank W. Hale Black Cultural Center, wants the person that did this brought to justice.

“We want the person brought to trial, caught,” Williamson told WBNS-TV. “We want to make sure these kinds of things don’t happen.”

Prediction: This was either done by a leftist or a black student on campus or possibly a professor. Just wait and see.

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