Islamists Threaten Tunisian Church – Cover Cross With Trash Bags

An Islamist demonstrator waves a flag during a protest outside the Tunisian Parliament in Tunis March 16, 2012. Thousands of Islamists demand the inclusion of the Islamic Law in the constitution. The flag reads “There is no god but Allah and Mohammad is the prophet”. (REUTERS/Zoubeir Souissi)

Islamists continue to threaten the Tunisian Orthodox Church in Tunis. Recently the Islamists covered the cross with trash bags.
FrontPage Magazine reported, via ROP:

According to Al Quds, last Tuesday it was revealed that the Christian Orthodox Church in Tunis, one of very few churches in the country of Tunisia, is being “abused” and receiving “threatening messages” from “Salafis.” Church members are described as “living in a state of terror,” so much so that the Russian ambassador in Tunis specifically requested the nation’s Ministry of Interior to “protect the church.”

The abuse has gotten to the point where “Salafis covered the cross of the church with garbage bags, telling the church members that they do not wish to see the vision of the Cross anywhere in the Islamic state of Tunisia.”

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