HORROR!… Assad’s Forces Bury a Man Alive For Filming Regime Violence (Video)

As the United Nations dawdles with “peace talks” the Assad regime continues to slaughter the citizens of Syria.
This video posted today is going viral. It was taken down at least once. In the video Assad forces bury a man alive for filming the regime’s atrocities.

Syrian Buried Alive Gruesome video footage allegedly showing a Syrian activist being buried alive at gunpoint by soldiers loyal to President Bashar Assad’s regime has gone viral on Thursday and is considered to be the most horrific video to have emerged since the Syrian uprising began.

The footage, which was uploaded onto YouTube, shows a blindfolded man with only his head above ground and screaming for his life as Assad’s soldiers’ surround him.

In the video, the soldiers appear to point their gun barrels at the buried rebel. As the unit’s commanding officer approaches, one of the soldiers’ turns to him and says: “Yes sir, we placed him in there as you have ordered.”


The officer then asks: “What’s he got? Did you find anything with this damn animal?”

The helpless man, described as being from Al-Qussair, a city in western Syria near Homs, is then accused of carrying a camera to capture footage of Assad’s forces to send to television networks.

The rebel is called an “animal” and a “dog” several times before the order is given to bury him.

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