Gross. TIME Crank Defends Hilary Rosen: Says “Hilary Was Right… Her Comments Were Accurate and Inoffensive”

By: Andrea Ryan

Just when we finished scraping our jaws off the floor from Hilary Rosen’s highly offensive comments toward Ann Romney and stay-at-home mothers, another Liberal Lefty jumped into the Democrat mud pit today and defended the degrading slurs.  Judith Warner, writer for TIME, said Hilary Rosen’s comments “were accurate and inoffensive”.  What Warner considers “inoffensive comments” were that stay-at-home mothers “don’t really work” and stay-at-home mothers “don’t deal with issues on how we feed our kids, how we send them to school, or worry about their future”.

Judith Warner got half of it right.  The comments are accurate in the revelation of how the elite Left views traditional stay-at-home moms.  But, she’s, also, wrong.  It’s offensive.

Here’s an excerpt from Warner’s TIME article,

Why did Democrats feel such an urgent need to distance themselves from a comment that was 1) accurate — Romney doesn’t exactly have much in common with the 75% of women who now work for a living — and 2) frankly inoffensive?

A month ago, Terry O’Neill, the head of the Liberal Leftist group National Organization of Women, called Rush Limbaugh a “godsend” for distracting voters from the real issues in the current political climate.  It’s never about principles with the Left.  It’s about politics.  And, I’m sure, this distraction is not one they’re happy with.

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