Green Activists Boot Jesse Watters From Festival After He Confronts Commie Van Jones (Video)

FOX News producer Jesse Watters crashed the New York City Green festival last week at the Javits Convention Center. The organizers didn’t much appreciate that Jesse brought up Solyndra and questioned kook Van Jones. So they booted him.

Watters told Bill O’Reilly that in his speech Van Jones said the EPA has saved more American lives than the Department of Defense.
And, Jones is supposed to be the smart one. Unreal.

Jesse Watters said he was booted from the socialist fest after he confronted commie Van Jones.
Via FOX Nation:

O’REILLY: The end. Always a wiseguy. Now, you got booted out of there?

WATTERS: I did. I did.


WATTERS: Well, I ambushed Van Jones right off the jump.

O’REILLY: That was the guy that you were talking to (INAUDIBLE)

WATTERS: That’s right. I was all over their radar. So they came up to me and said, You’re trying to slam the greens. It’s a hatchet piece. And I told her it was an honest piece, what we were trying to do. And she was trying to protect these greens like they were her flock! They couldn’t…


O’REILLY: You were polite to all of them, right?

WATTERS: I brought up Solyndra and I brought up your name and then I brought up Obama. And I think that was the kicker.

O’REILLY: Now, Van Jones, he doesn’t want any part of us, right?

WATTERS: No, he’s afraid.

O’REILLY: He has a book out. He’s got a new book out.

WATTERS: Yes. You know what he actually said? He said the EPA has saved more American lives than the Department of Defense, and that Republicans want to poison children. That was his…

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