Good Grief…White House Attacks Private Citizens David and Charles Koch Again

Once again, President Obama went out of its way to attack private citizens Charles and David Koch last week. The White House told reporters that the Koch brothers have “spent millions of dollars attacking the President in an attempt to maintain taxpayer subsidies for oil and gas companies.” Not only was it an outrageous attack on two private citizens and entrepreneurs, it was completely false.
News Alert reported on this from Koch Facts:

A recently issued press release by the Obama campaign once again singles out Koch and misrepresents the facts in a divisive manner when Americans are asking for a reasoned dialogue and solutions to pressing economic issues. The Obama campaign is upset about a study put out this week by the Mercatus Center at George Mason University concerning President Obama’s Affordable Care Act. Instead of addressing the study’s findings and analysis, the campaign spokesperson deflects and falsely criticizes Koch for supporting “subsidies for oil and gas companies that are making record profits and boosting their own bottom line.”

As has been explained repeatedly, Koch has consistently and for many years opposed government subsidies of any kind and urged the government to discontinue them. Further, Charles Koch and David Koch have championed free-market policies for more than 50 years and criticized those policies that are counter to free-market principles, regardless of whether Democrats or Republicans were in power. We have long supported the Mercatus Center and other groups that analyze and advance thoughtful, reliable, free-market solutions to the pressing economic problems facing our country. The Obama campaign’s complaints about energy policy appear to be a tactic to divert attention from the study’s analysis of the Affordable Care Act’s impact on our country’s massive deficits. The fact that the President’s campaign would prefer to demonize Koch rather than discuss the economic consequences of the president’s policies demonstrates that the Administration and its allies would prefer not to deal with the serious economic crisis our nation faces.

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