Figures. Obama Speaks to Women – Jokes About Dry Cleaning (Video)

Yuk-Yuk... Barack Obama spoke to a special women’s forum today in Washington DC.
He joked with them about dry cleaning.
No kidding.

Real Clear Politics has the transcript.

Obama also touted that women will have greater access to preventive care like “domestic violence screening” and, of course, “contraception at no additional cost.”

“Over one million more women are insured because they can now stay on their parents’ plan. Later this year, women will receive new access to recommended preventive care, like domestic violence screening and contraception at no additional cost,” Obama said to the forum on women and the economy.

“And Soon insurance companies will no longer be able to deny coverage based on pre-existing conditions like breast cancer or charge women more just because they’re women.

Obama attempted to tie women being charged more money “just because they’re women” to dry cleaning.

“We don’t know — we haven’t gotten on the dry cleaning thing yet. I mean, I know that is still, that is still frustrating. I’m sure,” Obama said to tepid laughter.

So, now women are “victims” of the dry cleaning industry, too?  In Obama’s world, 99% of us are helpless victims of our free market, living at the mercy of the evil 1% .  Not surprising coming from the King of Victims, himself.   But, have no fear…Obama is, now, going to have behemoth government swoop in and socialize the evil dry cleaning industry.  Because, in Obama’s Marxist world, consumers don’t control the free market…Obama does.

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