Don’t Tell Barack… Activists Save 500 Caged Dogs From Chinese Restaurants

Here boy!

Don’t tell Barack…
Activists rescue over 500 dogs destined for restaurants in China.
The Daily Mail reported:

Crammed into tiny cages and enduring appalling conditions, these dogs had been destined for restaurant tables in China.

But they were saved from that fate after activists intercepted the truck carrying them.

Many of the 505 creatures had barely survived their terrible ordeal, having endured cramped conditions and a lack of water during their near 1,000 mile journey by road.

But rescue came too late for 11 dogs which had succumbed to dehydration and exposure.

The driver, who was questioned by police, said he had been employed to take the animals from Mianning county, Xichang city in the southwest of Sichuan province,to restaurants in Yulin city in south China’s Guangxi province.

Volunteers provided the dogs with water and food which they had been deprived of because of the narrow space in the truck.

The trade and transportation of animals in China has come in for criticism by campaigners in the West.

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