Cover Up! NC Dem Party Official Harasses Staffer… Party Pays Him Off

By: Andrea Ryan

Jay Parmley, the Executive Director of North Carolina’s Democratic Party, was accused of sexual harassment by one of his male staff, Adrian Ortega.  In order to keep it quiet, Ortega was paid off by the Democratic party in exchange for signing a non-disclosure agreement.

Cover Up…Sexual Harassment…Sex Scandal…Pay-Offs…Confidentiality Agreements… clearly, the Democratic Party doesn’t want us to know what they really are.

According to the Daily Caller,

A former North Carolina Democratic Party staffer was sexually harassed by a party official, made a financial settlement with the party and signed a non-disclosure agreement to keep the incident quiet, according to emails obtained by The Daily Caller.

“If this hits the media, the Democratic Party, our candidates, and our credibility are doomed in this election,” reads one email exchange between state Democratic leaders.

An email chain between those Democratic leaders, obtained by The Daily Caller, indicates the executive director of the North Carolina Democratic Party, Jay Parmley, and the alleged sexual harassment victim both signed non-disclosure agreements. …

The question of appearances by Jones may imply that the harassment was same-sex in nature, which might complicate Democratic messaging in the party’s efforts to defeat the anti-gay-marriage amendment.

“Rest assured there is a statewide gathering (I am told) that are upset over this and want people held accountable,” Jones continued. “In all honesty, I am being told by several reliable sources that the Associated Press is itching to get this out. Thankfully, some are trying to stop it. Do we want the Republicans to get this information? They are also asking questions.”

Jones added that he expects that the “Democratic Party, our Candidates, and our credibility are doomed in this election,” if the alleged sexual harassment story is made public.

Here is an update to the DC’s original article,

Jay Parmley, North Carolina’s Democratic Party executive director, has been accused of sexual harassment by Adriadn Ortega, a former communications staffer for the state party, according to a report by the J.W.P. Civitas Institute.

An email chain The Daily Caller previously obtained didn’t name the alleged perpetrator or the victim, but confirmed the existence of the alleged sexual harassment, a financial settlement paid to the victim and that Parmley and the victim had signed non-disclosure agreements. Civitas has since reported the names of those involved.

Hopefully, all the voters who voted for Obama in 2008 are paying attention to what their Democratic party really is.  Maybe they’ll try voting for someone with integrity this time around.

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