Commie Fund Raiser To Be Held In St. Louis Union Hall; Awardees Include Local AFL-CIO Prez & Former Dem Organizer

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Is This Tomorrow? was published in 1947 and told the story of how Communists infiltrated every aspect of American society and eventually even took over the White House thereby overthrowing the nation from the inside.  At the time it was considered a fanciful piece of propaganda.

But today, that booklet could almost be considered more prophetic than Nostradomus because it seems everywhere you look there are signs of Communist influence.   While one can see this influence in places like public schools and the main stream media, the signs are most obvious in several of the major Unions and even the Democratic Party.

For example, according to the Communist Party USA News (CPUSA) People’s Worldon May 5th the CPUSA is holding their annual fund raiser, the Hershel Walker Peace and Justice Awards, at the Local 6300 CWA Union Hall in St. Louis.

The keynote speaker for the event is to be Clarence Lang, a University Professor from Champaign/Urbana Illinois and a visiting Professor at the University of Kansas.

While the list of those who will receive a Communist award is a venerable who’s who of the Missouri Progressive movement; there are two that stand out from the rest, Bradley Harmon and Vanessa Crawford.

Bradley Harmon CWA (AFL-CIO) President of the Missouri State Workers Union is an avid supporter of President Obama and even told a CPUSA reporter last month that he wants the “Tea Party Republicans to think this (election) is Total War.” Mr. Harmon has even been involved with the Communist affiliated  Jobs with Justice (JWJ) .

Vanessa Crawford currently holds the title of Executive Director at Missouri Immigrant and Refugee Advocates.  But according to Vanessa’s Likedin page she has held positions in several ‘Green’ organizations, worked on the staff of two Democratic politicans and was even a Field Organizer for the Democratic Party.

Coincidentally, the St. Louis CWA isn’t new to holiding Commie events.  Last year the CPUSA Fund Raiser was held at the same CWA Local 6300 Union Hall where a Missouri Democrat Representative gave the invocation and a booklet handed out at the event provided proof that the AFL-CIO, SEIU and  a Democratic Super Pac gave money to the CPUSA.

So if we take all of this information and add the facts that Democratic Congressman Charlie Rangel recently praised a CPUSA Leader in a letter sent to a Commie event and Democratic Congressman Danny Davis actually accepted a Communist Award one might reasonably conclude that the Communists are using Is This Tomorrow? as a blueprint for the internal takeover and the subsequent destruction of the United States.

But on the other hand, if your a Progressive (aka Communist) you might think this article is just a fanciful piece of propaganda.


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