Candle Light Vigil For All Rape, Assault & Murder Victims of #Occupy Movement

It’s time to pause and remember.

On Tuesday night at 7:00 PM the violent Obama-endorsed #Occupy movement will hold a protest against police at Reservoir Park in St. Louis – the same park they just vandalized last month.
The protesters defaced about 100 yards of a stone wall in the historic St. Louis park in March.

City crews were out the next day painting over the spray paint.

They also defaced an historic 100 year-old statue in the park.

The occupiers painted “class war” across the statue’s chest.

Here’s a close-up of the 100 year-old statue.

On Tuesday night the criminal movement will reconvene at the park.

So will we.
St. Louis tea party activists and supporters of liberty and justice will hold a vigil for all of the rape, murder and assault victims of the #Occupy Movement.
Please join us at the park on Grand and Russell as we remember those victims of #Occupy.
BYOC- Bring your own candle

UPDATE: #Occupy – The Rapers Revolution
What the media does not tell you…….
You must take 3 minutes and watch this disturbing video by Sharp Elbows.

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